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【ANGEL PHILIA】SAYO Soft Skin ver. (Limited Qty)
  • 【ANGEL PHILIA】SAYO Soft Skin ver. (Limited Qty)
  • 【ANGEL PHILIA】SAYO Soft Skin ver. (Limited Qty)
  • 【ANGEL PHILIA】SAYO Soft Skin ver. (Limited Qty)
  • 【ANGEL PHILIA】SAYO Soft Skin ver. (Limited Qty)
【ANGEL PHILIA】SAYO Soft Skin ver. (Limited Qty)
  • Model: AP000063

Price:   HK$4,580

 Sold Out 
Details: AP000063 ANGEL PHILIA SAYO Soft Skin ver.

Estimated Arrival Date: October~November 2019
Tentative Pre-order Deadline: 24th September, 2019 (subject to change without notice)

※Limited quantity available; Pre-order ends when all dolls have been reserved.

This doll comes with upper arm, upper torso, lower torso and thigh parts which are made of soft skin (thinner vinyl) and allow more flexibility in posing and customization.

(「Soft Skin」is really thin and may require support from sponge or urethane foam inside the body, in order to hold the shape.)

◆ Manufacturer:Quarantotto

◆ Product Description: Pre-painted Complete Model, Head & Body set
(Wig, stand, accessories, outfit, shoes are not included)

◆ Specifications:
● Head: Type-M (Eyeholes Opened Type, Eyehole size/16mm), Suitable Wig Size/6~7inch, With face-up, Eyelashes included
● Eyes: Original Doll Eyes - Grey 16mm
● Body: Upper Torso&Lower Torso&Thigh/Type-H(Soft Skin), Shin/Type-C, Upper Arm(Soft Skin)&Lower Arm/Obitsu50, Feet/Normal Feet(Obitsu50, magnets not included)
● Included Option Parts:
- 3 types of hand parts(fully blushed)/Open Hands&Fist Hands&Gripping hands (The doll comes with one of the three types of hand parts attached)
- Heel Feet
● Inner Frame: Obitsu48.5
● Skin Colour/Whitey

※Upper arm&Upper torso&lower torso&thigh parts are made of「Soft Skin」.
※All outer skin parts are fully blushed.
※Magnets for use with the magnetic steel base plate are not included in the feet parts.
※Magnetic steel base plate is not included.

◆ Materials: Outer skin parts/PVC(Soft Vinyl), Head/PVC(Soft Vinyl), Internal Frame/ABS&POM, Doll Eyes/Acrylic

◆ Size: Total height approximately 48.5cm

◆ Body Manufacturer: Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

*Actual product may differ from the appearance of the sample shown in the images.

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