RAP Pink Drops #10 穂乃花(ホノカ)<HONOKA> ver.2
RAP Pink Drops #10 穂乃花(ホノカ)<HONOKA> ver.2

Price: HK$4,250

Date Added: 09/29/2016 by Anastasia Volkova
This girl looks more lovely in person! Pictures cannot do her beauty justice. Only thing that is a problem for me is her torso and legs..she cannot sit down at all, her soft torso gets distorted and bent out of shape. :( But its an easy fix to buy the C3 torso so she can sit! :)
Her short version tongue kept falling out easily, but the problem was solved when i pushed the tongue in with strong force. Now it stays, the longer tongue stays in no problem. Changing out hands, head and chest requires some work and patience. But its easy to exchange parts.
MSD clothing fit her like socks and tops. However for her bottoms she will need SD size underwear. She can wear MSD size as long as the skirt/shorts/undies can stretch out a lot, her thighs are big so beware. Wigs that fit her can be 6-7 size, very great fit.
I hope this review helps a lot for everyone! A+! VERY satisfied.
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