[Outer Body Part] Type-G Bust Tan (Blushed)
[Outer Body Part] Type-G Bust Tan (Blushed)

Price: HK$420

Date Added: 09/29/2016 by Anastasia Volkova
The chest is very pretty. It is soft and easy to exchange. To change the chest make sure you take off the head first and then heat the neck part on the doll with a blow-dryer..then slide the chest up. It's okay if it bents out of shape while you are trying to switch out the chest. :)
MSD tops can fit this chest even though it is very big. If the top can stretch it can fit. However MSD tops that don't stretch will not fit. But, i found out that button up tops fit very well..but it will not button all the way in the middle and stay open.
I'd advise getting a bra for this chest as the nipples are quite projectile and can poke holes though soft fabric like cotton. I suggest SD sized bras for this chest piece.

Circumference of chest: 24cm

I really do hope this information helps someone! :) _3