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[Pre-order Deadline : 2024-03-14 (HKT15:00)] JASMINE
[Pre-order Deadline : 2024-03-14 (HKT15:00)] JASMINE

  • Model: SWW000072

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Size guide

M size (~8.5 inch) : SEOLROK holy Ver. / WASEON / HUISA, Direction / YIDO / CHOYO / HWAHUI:Hiver ect / SANHONG / YIWON
M size : Fits tight to TAERIN / RYUZO / RUAN / LILI / YUNSEOL ect
B size (~8.8 inch) : SHIHO / RUSI ect

Venetian Red / Plum Pink / Dandelion Blond / Midnight Black

 *Please be aware that some colors are made of dark wig caps, which may cause stains when worn for a long time.

Wig + hair tie

Devlivery : 2024-7

Notes for wig products

·Due to the design of the product, it can see the skin of the wig as shown in the picture. We work to make it as invisible as possible, but please understand that there may be individual differences depending on the product. · According to the design, there is a see-through of the cap on the part where the wig is tied up. ·Due to the nature of the wig, which has a strong curl, the curl is maintained well if you don't brush or untie it intentionally. If there is any disheveled or tangled part, cut it and put it in. When the wave mass is loosened, there is a method of spraying water and arranging it into strands, Wigs become more useful the more you wear them, so we recommend to keep it as it is because it does not look completely new even if you keep touching it. · When placing in the order, please choose the wig color in the option window. We can not change the options after the order, So please make sure that you have selected correct wig color before placing in the order. · In case of wig products, the wig cap may appear in accordance of the styling, and individual difference may appear such as wig size and cutting condition due to the nature of handmade wig. Please understand that it is difficult to refund/exchange for the mentioned feature. · The mood may appear to be different according to the styling of the person using it. · As the feature of high temperature string, some parts may be tangled. Gently hold the wig net and shake it several times or use your fingers to softly untangle it from the crown of the head for splendid style. · The specifications such as tag, case etc. included in the wig may be different in accordance of the producing conditions.

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